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February 16, 2023

You First Brands launches ‘WTF, a new forum to bring brands and fans closer together

[Madrid, February 16, 2022.] You First, the leading agency in the world of sports and entertainment, has inaugurated the first 'WTF: 'What the fan breakfast'. It is an event that will be repeated periodically in which advertisers, talents, and platforms will come together to try to improve the relationship between brands and fans. With the Qatar World Cup approaching, this first forum focused on discussing how soccer fans consume soccer according to the different generations.

The event was moderated by Luis Calvo, Head of Content of You First, and was attended by Barbara Brendihem, Commercial Director of You First Brands, Ignacio Gratacós, Business Developer of GoodForm, journalist Julio Maldonado and content creator Delantero09. In addition, numerous representatives from the marketing world attended the event and filled the capacity.

The event included the presentation of the analysis of GoodForm, an agency acquired by the You First group and specialized in Data & Insights. Ignacio Gratacós explained that, over the last few months, they have analyzed the behavior of sports fans, taking into account more than 3,000 variables, and highlighted the difference in the behavior of the different generations when it comes to consuming the World Cup and how it affects the distribution of messages by brands.  "Although the media talk about the disengagement of the new generations from soccer, this is not true. The data tells us that 78% continue to actively watch it, except that there are generations such as the Z generation that prefer to watch it on social networks (59%) rather than on television (20%)."

"Goodform's data and our experience in the industry have taught us that it is essential to understand the lifestyle and consumption habits of fans when targeting them. A 45-year-old is not going to consume the World Cup in Qatar in the same way as an 18-year-old. They both watch soccer, but the approach of brands cannot be the same," explained Barbara Bendrihem, Commercial Director of You First Brands.

YouTube and Podcast 

Within the social networks, YouTube is preferred by all generations to consume sports content, highlighting generation Z (33%) but also Millenials (30%) and generation X (23%). In addition, the Goodform report has shown the growing interest of fans, especially Millenials (37%) in sports podcasts, while Boomers prefer sports documentaries (35%).

The event was also attended by journalist Julio Maldonado 'Maldini' and content creator 'Delantero09', who stressed the need to adapt the message to be communicated to both the target generation and the social network where it will be launched. "For me, it is essential to have an agency like You First, which helps me to translate the objectives that a brand wants to achieve and to be able to implement it through adapted content and with the certainty that it will be well received by the target audience," explained Maldini.

For his part, Delantero09 emphasized the difference in the number of followers that exists between the different channels he has. "It's not the same the content I make for soccer, in which the audience that consumes it is younger than the content for paddle tennis, which is a more mature audience, which consumes longer content and when I started they didn't even know who I was."

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