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March 16, 2022

You First, leader in market value among Spanish agencies

Fabián Ruiz, footballer, posing for a photo after signing with PSG in 2022.

With 227 players represented, it accumulates a total market value of 355 million euros.

[Madrid, March 16, 2022.] You First (YF) remains the leading Spanish representation agency in terms of the market value of its players, according to the latest study published by Transfermarkt. According to the platform's updated data, You First's clients with the highest market value are Fabián Ruiz (55M), Gerard Moreno (40M) and Luis Alberto Romero (32M).

You First is the agency trusted by the largest number of players. It is worth noting that each You First agent has no more than eight clients in its portfolio, which results in a personalized and tailored service.

The YF Group has 30 agents in Spain, 22 abroad and a further 20 professionals providing services in direct connection with the specialized departments. Not surprisingly, the company's business model is based on investment in personnel and services.

This 360 model of player care includes, among others: the Communication and RRSS department to provide support, visibility and enhance the player's image and brand; the Design department, which develops customized images and own content; as well as the Services department, in charge of assisting the player in any aspect of his sporting and non-sporting life. Likewise, You First's Financial and Legal departments provide support to the player in terms of wealth management, professional and personal legal advice and tax planning, among others.

Likewise, a year ago You First launched its Big Data department - headed by the specialist Sara Carmona - which provides both clubs and clients with data and statistics related to their performance and other aspects of their game.

Recently, You First has integrated professionals specialized in professional, sports and personal performance into its staff. This incorporation allows the YF Group to offer individualized and comprehensive advice on coaching, psychology, recovery, physiotherapy, nutrition and other specialties related to the professional development of the athlete.

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